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Bloodlines: The Silent Spring Begins
Dark Convergence Part I
Winter/ Spring 2015

Vecna, now known as Asmolek, has finally revealed his hand. Asmolek serves no one, but demands that all serve him. To this end he has taken the knowledge he gained from servants Veran Kelson and The Snake, and attempted to recreate the Convergence. Asmolek successfully tainted the World Seals, poisoning magic and life from the world, and sealing his new reality away from the heroes in the Brotherhood of Ercedia.
What he failed to do was create a cycle. Instead, several seasons merged piecemeal leaving very confused people strewn about from different eras of time.

Medieval knights, already at war, found members of the Illidian rebellion and United Forces from the distant future in their warzone. Perhaps more dangerous than the xenophobic and displaced warriors is the world of Farae—split wide letting a flood of faerie creatures inundate the world. Fair Folk and Fadelings clash, adding even more chaos into the world. Asmolek could not be more pleased at the result of his long game.

An expert in the long game himself, Seth became aware of Asmolek and his machinations and began a counterplan. When Asmolek sealed away his version of reality and declared himself a god to be worshiped, Seth was able to bring a small handful of heroes through with him saying, “If he wants to be a god, let him try. I will unleash hell upon him.”

According to Seth, If Asmolek succeeds, the world as we know it will change forever. It only remains to be seen who will be brave enough to stand up to a dark god.

A few Announcements:
-Two groups will be run for this and possibly future campaigns along this same story.
—One group will be veteran players who want to tackle the hard difficulty, attempting to go for a more immersive and less forgiving experience.
—The other group will play as classic, able to move along and have fun with elements of danger, but out of the shadow of a constant threat of death. :)
Good luck to both.
-New characters only I am afraid, except where I specifically stated otherwise. Try to interact with people as if you knew nothing about their other characters, unless non-metagaming situations call for it.
-I am opening the playable races to include every faction, meaning you can play a futuristic character, a farae, or a medieval character. I will try to get all the races up, but it will take me some time and if no one references this site I may not ever finish, opting for verbal explanations.
-NO MAGIC. To begin with, no character will have any magic ability. This will remain such until a campaign event is completed. This includes Psionics, Kyle. And Dragoon, Isaac and Kannon. And no Soren, you are not exempt from this.
-If you have any other questions feel free to message me on ercedia.boards.net.

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