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Bloodlines: Heart of Corruption
Dark Convergence Part II
(Bloodlines Chapter 30)
Spring-Winter 2015

Asmolek has fallen by the hand of Seth Weiren, and the guile of the cowardly Vecna. The Dark Convergence has collapsed in large part, but reality is as frail as ever. The gaze of Helt and Heaven focuses on a critical moment in the middle of Winter as Sargon the Hunter has returned, Chairman Zane sits in power, and the heroes find themselves surrounded by the most insidious of enemies: human weakness. The heroes struggle to cope with the new reality—wondering all the while where their friends are, who the real enemy is, and which of these is merely a distraction.

All the while the Confirming, the last stage of the Prophesies draws ever near.

We will have two groups for this campaign, Alpha Group (who will meet Saturday and be “the good guys”) and Omega Group (Friday will meet the “bad guys”)
The groups have combined and dissolved. After July 4th the groups will be determined by character choice.
See you guys then!

If you are not familiar with Ercedia, you might want to take a look…
Bloodlines: The Silent Spring Begins
Dark Convergence Part I
Winter/ Spring 2015

Vecna, now known as Asmolek, has finally revealed his hand. Asmolek serves no one, but demands that all serve him. To this end he has taken the knowledge he gained from servants Veran Kelson and The Snake, and attempted to recreate the Convergence. Asmolek successfully tainted the World Seals, poisoning magic and life from the world, and sealing his new reality away from the heroes in the Brotherhood of Ercedia.
What he failed to do was create a cycle. Instead, several seasons merged piecemeal leaving very confused people strewn about from different eras of time.

Medieval knights, already at war, found members of the Illidian rebellion and United Forces from the distant future in their warzone. Perhaps more dangerous than the xenophobic and displaced warriors is the world of Farae—split wide letting a flood of faerie creatures inundate the world. Fair Folk and Fadelings clash, adding even more chaos into the world. Asmolek could not be more pleased at the result of his long game.

An expert in the long game himself, Seth became aware of Asmolek and his machinations and began a counterplan. When Asmolek sealed away his version of reality and declared himself a god to be worshiped, Seth was able to bring a small handful of heroes through with him saying, “If he wants to be a god, let him try. I will unleash hell upon him.”

According to Seth, If Asmolek succeeds, the world as we know it will change forever. It only remains to be seen who will be brave enough to stand up to a dark god.

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