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Bloodlines: Amaranth
Cycle 3 Chapter 2
(Chapter 35)
Fall-Winter 2016

The HESTIANS of Amaranth are a proud people, lead for the last several hundred years by the council of seven to prosperity. The beautiful VERLON in the north and the industrial LYRIANS to the north west across the mountains have enjoyed no conflict and open trade. There are rumors of unrest, rumors of a cult growing in the shadows, but such rumors happen in a country this big and the tales spread from tavern to tavern like sand in the wind until they settle and are lost, and people go back to their jobs and lives and livelihoods. Life has been peaceful for so long that, even were the COUNCIL proved to be CORRUPT, even were the SEAL of the OLD KING found, life would surely go back to the way it was after a time… wouldn’t it?

Starting at essentially level one, the players of Amaranth will not be epic heroes called of the gods and given a divine errand. They will be people, living in a new country that may be starting on the path to revolution. They will decide to avoid or involve themselves in the events to come.


Bloodlines: Halcyon
Cycle 3 Chapter 1
(Chapter 34)
Fall 2016

Maribelle sits on the Fire throne, Hope upon the High throne, and Seth upon the Obsidian Throne. Nighthall is secure, and the Vampire Queen has been assassinated. Everything begins to calm. Somewhere in the darkness a wan shadow crawls along the cobblestone, seeking low places, but above the streets have never been more clean.

The Sun Dragons seek Queen Mabbe to restore the Faerie Lords to peace and calm the Sivryan upheaval. The Oceans begin to thaw…

Summer creeps around the corner, but a cool breeze can still be felt at times, blowing from the Northern Sky.

(Chapter 35 will be Amaranth 1.)

Bloodlines: Rebirth
Genesis Prologue
(Bloodlines Chapter 33)
Fall-Winter 2015

The storm has come. The land is bathed in fire. Sylvans are all but extinct, Cabrathians have been exterminated, and a hundred years has passed since the dragons returned.

Rebuilding only goes so far. Each city is governed of its own, and despite the new Queen’s Guard and the Mistcloak influence, the land remains wild and ungoverned. Bandits mercenaries and nomads roam the countryside, preying on the weak.

Guilds are rising up all over the country, each looking to take a piece of the land for themselves, fragmenting a once proud kingdom. Helt needs a Lightbringer, before it sinks into darkness. Helt needs the Sun Dragons.

Bloodlines: Heart of Corruption
Dark Convergence Part II
(Bloodlines Chapter 30)
Spring-Summer 2015

Asmolek has fallen by the hand of Seth Weiren, and the guile of the cowardly Vecna. The Dark Convergence has collapsed in large part, but reality is as frail as ever. The gaze of Helt and Heaven focuses on a critical moment in the middle of Winter as Sargon the Hunter has returned, Chairman Zane sits in power, and the heroes find themselves surrounded by the most insidious of enemies: human weakness. The heroes struggle to cope with the new reality—wondering all the while where their friends are, who the real enemy is, and which of these is merely a distraction.

All the while the Confirming, the last stage of the Prophesies draws ever near.

We will have two groups for this campaign, Alpha Group (who will meet Saturday and be “the good guys”) and Omega Group (Friday will meet the “bad guys”)
The groups have combined and dissolved. After July 4th the groups will be determined by character choice.
See you guys then!

If you are not familiar with Ercedia, you might want to take a look…

Bloodlines: The Silent Spring Begins
Dark Convergence Part I
Winter/ Spring 2015

Vecna, now known as Asmolek, has finally revealed his hand. Asmolek serves no one, but demands that all serve him. To this end he has taken the knowledge he gained from servants Veran Kelson and The Snake, and attempted to recreate the Convergence. Asmolek successfully tainted the World Seals, poisoning magic and life from the world, and sealing his new reality away from the heroes in the Brotherhood of Ercedia.
What he failed to do was create a cycle. Instead, several seasons merged piecemeal leaving very confused people strewn about from different eras of time.

Medieval knights, already at war, found members of the Illidian rebellion and United Forces from the distant future in their warzone. Perhaps more dangerous than the xenophobic and displaced warriors is the world of Farae—split wide letting a flood of faerie creatures inundate the world. Fair Folk and Fadelings clash, adding even more chaos into the world. Asmolek could not be more pleased at the result of his long game.

An expert in the long game himself, Seth became aware of Asmolek and his machinations and began a counterplan. When Asmolek sealed away his version of reality and declared himself a god to be worshiped, Seth was able to bring a small handful of heroes through with him saying, “If he wants to be a god, let him try. I will unleash hell upon him.”

According to Seth, If Asmolek succeeds, the world as we know it will change forever. It only remains to be seen who will be brave enough to stand up to a dark god.
A few Announcements:
-Two groups will be run for this and possibly future campaigns along this same story.
—One group will be veteran players who want to tackle the hard difficulty, attempting to go for a more immersive and less forgiving experience.
—The other group will play as classic, able to move along and have fun with elements of danger, but out of the shadow of a constant threat of death. :)
Good luck to both.
-New characters only I am afraid, except where I specifically stated otherwise. Try to interact with people as if you knew nothing about their other characters, unless non-metagaming situations call for it.
-I am opening the playable races to include every faction, meaning you can play a futuristic character, a farae, or a medieval character. I will try to get all the races up, but it will take me some time and if no one references this site I may not ever finish, opting for verbal explanations.
-NO MAGIC. To begin with, no character will have any magic ability. This will remain such until a campaign event is completed. This includes Psionics, Kyle. And Dragoon, Isaac and Kannon. And no Soren, you are not exempt from this.
-If you have any other questions feel free to message me on ercedia.boards.net.

I will be leaving the forum up as Ercedia IS STILL GOING. Brotherhood of Piracy part II will continue, and is scheduled for summer 2015 as a concurrent campaign. For now.
Either way there will be periodic updates to the forum


(For the record, we can refer to Vecna/Asmolek as a “he” since that is the face by which we know “him” best. Don’t think about it too much.)

Helt: Midwinter Flux
Spring 2014

(Midwinter takes place after Ascendant Echelon. Bloodlines Chapter 27.)

Answering the call, the fires of hope have spread through Helt, and the nation has risen up in defiance of the Unnamed. Tiamat has been slain, and Sain has taken the Ascendant to Ercedia, leaving his wife on the throne of Rhunion. Now united, can the nations hold their borders, so freshly and dearly won, as the darkness grows stronger?
Perhaps the answer lies across time, in a land unknown to our heroes, a land of asphalt, steel, and glass…

Ascendant Echelon:

A dark age is dawning for Helt. The Bloodlines have waned, but the enemies have not, and the Shadow is breaking free. As the enemies of the light release Tiamat the Vengeful, The Cult of Vecna and the Disciples of Fenrir join forces, and the Corsairs claim all oceans as theirs, New heroes are called as an act of desperation. The new guardians have great potential—but with the gods too busy to guide them, can these fledgling heroes become who the world needs them to be?


Close the Rifts: -COMPLETE
—Defend the Keep -COMPLETED
—Fortify the Keep -COMPLETED
—Cleanse the Nihl Orb -COMPLETED

Stop The Dragons:
—Stop Tiamat -COMPLETE
—Find the Kingstone -COMPLETE
—Get to the Shining Hills -CANCELLED
—Find information on stopping Tiamat -COMPLETED
—Find the Black Crest -COMPLETED
)Retrace Rethan’s steps -CANCELLED
—Stop the Dragonlich -CANCELLED
—Find Blackrot Tar -COMPLETED
—Destroy the Miasma Dragon
—Find her base -CANCELLED
—Defeat the evil dragons: (3/3 Red; Blue 1/1; Acid 2/2; Black 0/1; Purple 1/1) -FINISHED

Win the War:
—Survive the Dark Assault
—Recover the Harbinger
)Save Justine
—Stop the Snake
)Find his base
)Stop his generals
)Stop the Socarri

—Cleanse Seid -COMPLETED
—Defend Seid -COMPLETED
—Fortify the Heltian Coast -COMPLETE
)Defend and fortify Cierre -COMPLETE
)Defend and fortify Sun Port -COMPLETE
))Hold the Druid’s Keep -COMPLETE
—Get the Key to the Temple of the Great Lion from somewhere in Caledonia -COMPLETE
—Get supplies from an Altarin Temple -IN PROGRESS
—Reinstate Khylandil as the Heltian High King -COMPLETE
)Find the Kingstone -COMPLETE
—Stop the civil war in Caledonia -CANCELLED
—End the civil war in Illidia -COMPLETED

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