Helt: Tales of Amaranth

Battle Preparations


Dresden walked through camp eyeing the pathetic mercenaries, corsairs, creatures and cultists he had to work with. All met with disdain, until he walked up to the beasts at the edge of camp. One had half a limb hidden unceremoniously under its claw, one of the mercenaries no doubt. These he eyed with caution. These would deal damage.

A courier approached Dresden with a report.
“My lord Dresden, our spies report that the uprising was quelled quickly. Commander Callum has been executed for treason and the gates are not open.
The Brown that entered the gates has not come out but we have confirmed that it cannot fly at the moment.
Our specialist reports that all preparations are in place.

Dresden paused a beat before looking at the man. “Good. On all accounts. Sain should believe that he is now in control of the city. Prepare the vanguard to assault the gate. Tell the specialist to wait for my command, and release the hounds and beasts. Firebomb the city, and prepare the craft. I want to see the flames by nightfall. Any word from the dragons?”
“No sir.”
“Fine. We will do this without them. The Farae should be enough.”
“Sir they won’t be able to breach that gate…”
Dresden impatiently growled, cutting off the courier. “Whelp! I GIVE COMMANDS and YOU FOLLOW. Do not begin to think you understand the way of things. Give my commands. Then report for four lashings.”
The courier bowed low and backed away with a mewling “Yes sire.”

Dresden put a hand to his temple where the pounding had been growing for hours. There would have to be something that would calm the drums of pain in his mind.

A dark shadow materialized behind him, and Dresden turned to direct his attention to Bhall. “What do you want?”
“Tiamat is fallen.”


Maven Maven

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