Helt: Tales of Amaranth

A Well-Lit Meeting

Somewhere in Seid

“And what am I to do with this creature?” Jessi asked, indicating the magically gagged and bound female hovering inn the air next to her.
“Jessi, no pets at the table.” Shinon joked.
Walker ignored the humor and simply looked at the prisoner. “She calls herself a Syker?”
Walker frowned. “Then we will cure her. And allow her to make her choice.”
A courier rushed in with war reports for Jessi, but she dismissed the courier who left the reports on the desk and fled. She was clearly growing impatient with the constant interruptions.
“Walker, I can’t take her. She just keeps talking…”
Shadowsong spoke, “We need to return to the matter at hand. Much is happening. Much isn’t. Where is Adrianna and her group?”
The same courier rushed in with a worried and amused look on his face, interrupting, “My lady…”
“What?” Jessi snapped, frustrated at the intrusion.
The courier handed her an intelligence report.
“…” Jessi paused for a moment before saying with a wearied but incredulous cross-ways glance “He did what?”


Who did what?!? TELL ME!!

A Well-Lit Meeting
Maven Maven

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